33 Super Useful Squarespace Plugins

If you build Squarespace sites, you’ve probably bought a plugin from at least one of these plugin shops.

There are hundreds of plugins and code snippets for Squarespace but I’ve found this list to be among the “most useful.”

Most, if not all of these add some kind of functionality that isn’t built into the platform.

Feel free to leave your favorite plugins in the comments.


1. Squarewebsites Tools Extension Pro

This is actually a chrome extension, but it unlocks all kinds of features that are really useful and a big time saver if you build site regularly. It’s also really well supported. One of those tools that once you try it you can’t live without it.

Some of the main features include:

  • Import/Export content across Squarespace websites (see video below)

  • Save your Content Presets (a set of blocks, layout) and insert on any page or blog article

  • Save Tweaks Presets and import export across sites

  • Reduce loaded fonts size

  • Lazy Summaries, Table Block, Advanced Map Block, Navigation Search plugins are built in

  • Remove Demo content with one click

Check it out here.

2. Sidebar Plugin

Bloggers love sidebars but unfortunately not every Squarespace template has them.

There are a few different ways to add a sidebar to your blog but this plugin is arguably the easiest and most flexible solution.

You can customize the look and feel of the sidebar and even have multiple sidebars on the same site.

Check it out here.

3. Lightbox Anything Plugin


Lightboxes are a great way to contain content that you don’t want users to have to leave the page to see.

Size charts, galleries, bio boxes, anything you want can be ‘lightboxed’ with this plugin.

Check it out here.

4. Subscription paywall


Hide content behind a subscription paywall that works with Squarespace’ built-in subscription payment.

That means it integrates with Squarespace's native customer accounts and automatically connects with your store's orders. 

Requires the Advanced plan (Online Stores).

Check it out here.

Want a 3rd Party Alternative? Try Memberspace

5. Form styles

Custom form styles are one of the easiest ways to make your site not look so “Squarespacey.”

Check out this collection of form styles from SquareStudio.

6. Sync product images with variants


Your product variants and images don’t sync - without adding some extra code. This plugin eliminates the guesswork and makes it easy for visitors to select the right variant.

Check it out here.

7. Accordion - Tabs Plugin

image source: https://www.squaredesignguild.com/blog/how-to-use-the-sqspthemes-accordion-tab

The accordion tabs plugin is flexible and versatile way to display content.

Check it out here.

8. Video Lightbox Plugin


This one is super popular with filmmakers and videographers. Turn your vimeo and youtube links into video lightboxes that you can open from any link on your site. Buttons, images, navigation links. Click here to see what I mean.

Check it out here.


9. Show Color/Size/Fabric Swatches


You don't have to move to Shopify or another platform to have this option. If you need custom color swatches for different fabrics or texture, it's possible with this plugin. Pair it with the variant sync and your customers know exactly what to expect with each variant.

Check it out here.


10. Multilingualizer

Multiingualizer is a localisation plugin that allows you multiple languages on the same page making it optimal for SEO and social sharing.

Check it out here.

11. Custom Summary Block Styles

Sometimes you just want to switch up the standard design and give your clients something different. These Summary Block style presets will do the trick.

Check it out here.

12. Lazy Load Images


Ever heard of lazy loading?

It prevents all the images from loading at once causing your page to load faster.

This one supports all templates and they’ve made it simple with an installation guide and accompanying video tutorial.

Check it out here

13. Load Animation


This plugin displays a funky lil loading icon while your page loads. You can use it on a single page or on all your pages. Checkout SquareStudio for the demo.

14. Lightbox Indicator


This free plugin from Naughts and Ones puts a little stretch icon on images that have lightbox enabled letting your users know there’s actually something to click. And in the spirit of code 4 good you can contribute to the Ghost Plugin mission by donating to a charity of your choice.

15. Upsell Page

This is another free plugin that redirects customers to another page when they add to cart. Useful if you want to offer an upsell or a crosssell. You can even use it with the Lightbox Anything plugin to have your upsell page open in a lightbox. And in the spirit of code 4 good you can contribute to the Ghost Plugin mission by donating to a charity of your choice.

16. Pushy Nav Plugin


According to The Custom Square, this plugin hooks up directly to your site structure and allows you to have full customizable control. We dubbed this nav "Pushy" because the in/out animation pushes your entire webpage to the left or right depending on the settings. A heavy duty animated navigation with a very light-weight and uber easy installation process.

17. Infinite Scroll Blog Text


Forever? Forever-ever?

This plugin lets your readers scroll through everything. No clicking to the next blog page, just infinite scroll.

18. Age Verification


Need to put an age verification pop-up on your site?

SquareStudio has the solution.

This requires users to confirm their age before accessing your website.

You can easily edit the message/text and choose the re-direct URL if they select ‘no.’

See the plugin and demo here.

19. Vertical Timeline


Vertical timelines are a cool way to tell your company story. Even Squarespace has one.

This plugin transforms your quote blocks into time capsules allowing you to embed images and links in your timeline.

Try one from SquarePaste or SquareStudio.

20. Convertkit Orders Integration


This is more of an integration than a plugin but it’s super useful nonetheless.

If you want to tag Subscriber based on product purchased and send automated email based on those purchases, Convertkit is the best option.

Update: Squarespace Email Campaigns now allows follow up emails based on product purchased but doesn’t have the full functionality of Convertkit.

21. Image Slider


MUAs, Photo retouch artists, anyone in the business of before and after can make use of this plugin in their portfolio. Simply slide to see a comparison between 2 images.

22. Exit Intent Pop Up


Have you ever seen one of those “wait! don’t go!” pop-ups?

When done right they grab your attention and give you a reason to hang around.

Maybe it’s a deeper discount or a better offer - exit intent pop-up are effective.

With this plugin a pop-up will be automatically triggered when the user makes a move to leave your website.
You can choose from 2 options: 
1. Sign Up – invite the user to enter their email (uses Squarespace's Newsletter Block).
2. Pop-up – invite the user to a custom action by displaying an image block with text and a link (uses Squarespace's Image Block).
According to the developer this plugin only uses Squarespace blocks, so you can easily alter text and colors right in your site's Style Editor.

23. Summary Block Dropdown Filter


Easily filter through Summary Block categories.

Works with Albums, Blogs, Events, Galleries, Products, and Projects.

Check it out here

24. Parallax


When done correctly, parallax can give your site cool look and feel.

This plugin lets you turn it on for any template.

25. Product Details Accordion


This is something you see on a lot more popular ecommerce website.

It’s a good way to condense a lot of product info.

Check it out here

26. Product Video Gallery


You’ve seen it on amazon and most big retailers have it too.

Video in the product gallery.

27. Pricing Table


If you’re selling different packages a clean pricing table is a must.

Customizable with different style and fully supported by Squarespace Developer, Devon Stank.

Pricing Tables

28. Alternate Checkout


You probably didn’t think of Shopify as an app but with Shopify Lite you can embed a buy button in your Squarespace and get the benefits of a Shopify checkout.

That means alternate payment methods and gateways for $9/mo.

29. Review Plugin


Best review plugin for Squarespace is handsdown Wiremo. It’s the only review app with a Mail After Purchase feature. You also get the benefit of reviews and stars in your search results.

Try Wiremo Free

30. Local Currency Plugin


Add a dropdown to your site that enables potential customers to show your prices in their own currency.

Check it out from Sound Focus.

31. Affiliate tracking


An affiliate program is an excellent way to incentivize your customers to become advocates of your brand - and get paid for it.

Setting one up is easy with apps like Tapfilliate and Affiliatly

32. Live Chat


Anytime I’ve used LiveChat on a website it’s led to more engagement. More questions, more leads, and better support. Their homepage calls it the fastest way to help your customers and I think they’re right.

33. Facebook Messanger Chat


Facebook Messenger is a convenient way to add live chat to your site. Messenger is a widely used platform, it’s free, and let’s you leverage messenger as a way to communicate with your customers.

The cons? Not everyone uses Facebook Messenger and even those who do, sometime we want to keep our social life private.

Here’s a tutorial from SquareMuse on how to integrate messenger chat on your Squarespace.