Product Gallery Video

Product Gallery Video

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Do you need a video to demonstrate a product instead of an image?

Now you can showcase videos in the primary position where the product image gallery currently is.

Works on all templates ( email if you Galapagos and Supply )

Click here to see the setup video

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How does this work?

Once purchased you'll get a zip file with instructions and a js file. The instructions walk you through how to install it. Takes less than a minute.


Do I need to be in Developer mode?

No, you will not need to access Developer Mode. 

Can I use this on multiple sites?

No, this is a single use plugin. You can get the Developer License for unlimited use here.

I'm not good with this stuff, can you set it up for me?

Sure, just select the Concierge Setup option at checkout, after you've made your order. The fee is $29.