Squarespace Lightbox Anything Plugin

Squarespace Lightbox Anything Plugin


With this plugin you can create a lightbox pop-up for anything. Size charts, newsletter forms, galleries, anything that you can add to a page. Basically, you open a page content inside a lightbox. You can also use any block on a page to open it in a lightbox, but the block must be on the same page with a lightbox link. Also, you can open a site in an iframe by adding its URL to a lightbox link.

Note: When you use a block for a lightbox, this block will be hidden on a page.


  • Ability to use content from: page or block

  • Ability to show an external site inside a lightbox

  • Style Customization

  • Works on any template

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How does this work?

Click here to watch the setup video

What's the difference between this and the Lightbox Video plugin?

This is 10x more versatile. 

Can I use this on multiple sites?

Yes, but only with the Business License.

I'm not good with this stuff, can you set it up for me?

We have an exclusive Concierge Setup option that you can select after you've gone through checkout. Send the details and we'll configure and customize according to your site specs.