Best Affiliate Programs for Squarespace in 2019

So you want to setup an affiliate tracking program with your Squarespace store?

These are the 2 options I recommend.

Both work by simply adding a script to your footer and order confirmation code injection.

And both offer a 14 Day FREE trial to get started.

I've thrown in screenshots of the pricing plans below.


Tapfilliate is the most robust in terms of features. The UI is clean and customizable. It’s my number choice for setting up affiliate programs with Squarespace.

The only downside is the cost. If you are just starting out and only have a handful of affiliates, you probably can’t justify spending more on this than you do your actual site.

That said, if your business is mature, Tapifilliate is def the way to go.


Affiliatly is great if you are on a budget. Their pricing model start at $16/mo for up to 50 affiliates and scales from there.

Referral candy isn’t actually an affiliate program. It’s a referral program. Which means it’s incentives both your customers and the people they refer with customizable discounts and codes.

Here’s how to install it with Squarespace.

Prices start at $49/mo

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