Top Affiliate and Referral Programs for Squarespace in 2019

So you want to setup an affiliate tracking program with your Squarespace store?

Affiliate programs are a great way to grow your marketing reach and incentivize customers to become brand advocates.

Here’s a overview of apps that work with Squarespace.


Tapfilliate is the most robust in terms of features. The UI is clean and customizable. It’s my number choice for setting up affiliate programs with Squarespace.

The only downside is the cost. If you are just starting out and only have a handful of affiliates, you probably can’t justify spending more on this than you do your actual site.

That said, if your business is mature, Tapifilliate is def the way to go.

Tapfiliate is a fully customizable affiliate program tracking solution. Advertisers can infuse the platform with their own brand to provide affiliates with a consistent user experience. On top of that, the software provides merchants with the tools they need to comprehensively manage their partners. Publishers are also offered with the means they require to promote products and services to their audiences, such as a dashboard and a suite of reporting tools to allow them to keep track of their performances.

With Tapfiliate, advertisers can create a custom commission structure and automate the payout to their affiliates. They can do the latter through API or allow the platform to take care of it. The platform has several payout methods, as well, to give merchants the flexibility in incentivizing their partners.

Overview of Tapfiliate Benefits

Easy Set-Up

Tapfiliate does not take long to set-up as it has no complicated installation instructions. All users have to do is integrate the software with their e-commerce shop, arrange their affiliate program and commission structure, add marketing content for partners to use, and invite affiliates to the platform. This way, they can start leveraging the power of affiliate marketing from the get-go.

Customizable Commission Structure

With Tapfiliate, commission structures are not rigid. This lets advertisers apply their pre-existing arrangements or customize a new one. Additionally, the platform supports recurring commissions payout, so that merchants do not have to manually pay their affiliates every month.

Affiliate Referral Program

Tapfiliate supports multi-level marketing, a program that lets merchants incentivize affiliates who refer new potential partners. This enables the network to grow as well as expands the business’ reach.

Speedy Content Delivery

Tapfiliate partners with Amazon CloudFront to deliver banners throughout the globe. Because it has a low latency coupled with lightning-fast data transfer speeds, partners get immediate access to advertisers’ content.

Publisher Tools

Merchants are not the only ones provided with tools for successful campaigns—affiliates are too. Tapfiliate gives them access to a feature-rich dashboard where they can instantly view relevant information. They also receive reporting tools that let them measure their success.

Moreover, the affiliate dashboard is available in several languages to enable non-English speaking partners to get around the program with ease.

Fully-Customizable Interface

With Tapfiliate, advertisers can have an affiliate program tracking that is truly their own. That is because the platform’s interface can be customized in every way, such as the affiliate sign-up page, for an all-around branded experience.



Affiliatly is an affiliate tracking software for e-commerce store owners.

Their pricing model start at $16/mo for up to 50 affiliates and scales from there.

Increase sales and visits

By having an affiliate program, your affiliates will promote your store for you and thus increase your sales!

Track and manage affiliates

Track and manage every aspect of your affiliates and program. See details about referred visits and orders.

30 days free trial

Test the program with all of its features and functionalities for 30 days without charges.

How it works

Track your affiliates' referrals by link, coupon code, QR code, client's email, product SKU, or a combination of those.

Unlimited referred orders

We do not place a constraint on the number of referred orders, the only limit is the number of active affiliates you have. All the features and tracking methods we offer are available no matter which plan you choose.

Main features:

  • admin panel to manage your program and view statistics

  • personal affiliate panel for each of your partners

  • a variety of tracking methods (by link, coupon code, QR code, client's email, product SKU)

  • automated referred orders status change (paid or not paid) when you change the order status in your Shopify admin, thus handling events like fully paid order, refunded or returned

  • control the affiliates' earnings in case of changes in the orders' prices or partial refunds

  • change the tracking link template and set custom tracking codes for your affiliates

  • block specific products, so affiliates will not get commission for them

  • set custom commissions for specific products and affiliates track royalties

  • upload banners for your affiliates

  • view and control affiliates' stats

  • pay earnings to affiliates through PayPal

  • pay your affiliates with gift cards for your store

  • manage the affiliate commission percentage and cookie duration globally or for a specific partner

  • choose how affiliates generate earning - per user visit, as a percentage of the price of the order, or as a flat rate per purchase

  • display the interface of the app in English, German, French and other languages

  • block inactive affiliates

  • customize the app to match your branding

  • write/edit the texts for the login, registration and FAQ pages of the program (basic formatting and images are supported)

  • export affiliate and order stats to a spreadsheet

  • add a popup to your checkout to invite your customers to become your affiliates

We are constantly improving our app and adding new functionalities to make it easy for you to create an affiliate program which perfectly fits your needs.


Referral candy isn’t actually an affiliate program. It’s a referral program. Which means it’s incentives both your customers and the people they refer with customizable discounts and codes.

Prices start at $49/mo

Using ReferralCandy, your customers can refer friends and earn rewards to go towards their next order. Your customers will see referrals and rewards within their ReferralCandy portal. Unfortunately, you can't customize this within their platform. Once your customer has applied a discount, you can see it on the customer's subscription order page that a discount has been applied to a future order.

Types of Rewards

Option 1: Percentage Reward for Referrals
For example, you may want to offer a customer 100% off their next subscription order when they refer 5 friends. In the later steps in this guide, you would just select Custom for Reward Type.

Option 2: Cash Reward for Referrals
An example would be offering your customer $20 off when they refer 5 friends. When they achieve this, you will see within ReferralCandy that you will need to PayPal them $20. In the later steps in this guide, you would just select Custom for Reward Type to enable PayPal payout rewards. The cash payout would be handled via ReferralCandy directly. This can be applied to one-time orders only.

Peach’s Referral Program for Squarespace


Unlike the other affiliate and referral programs, Peach’s is built exclusively for Squarespace.

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