How to optimize your product pages for more sales

This article is for Squarespace store owners who want to deliver the best customer experience and maximize their sales, without having to go to another platform (*cough* shopify *cough*).

It's also a way for me to highlight some plugins and integrations that you probably wouldn't know about.

Get ready to open a bunch of tabs.

Here we go...

1. Use Product Videos



This is one of the easiest ways to increase conversions on your product page. People want to see your products in action and videos tell a better story than images. This also has the added benefit of helping your SEO.

Not sure where to start? Try an unboxing video, product demo or a customer review video. 

If you want to get fancy you can also feature these videos in your product gallery using this plugin.


2. Sync Product Images with variants



If your images and variants aren't sync'd, your customers will have a hard time knowing what they are selecting.  Unfortunately this functionality isn't built into Squarespace so you'll need a developer to implement it or you can do it yourself with this plugin.


3. Show color/size/fabric swatches



If you've got unique colors or patterns for different variants, a swatch will allow you to display those options so your customers can see what they're selecting.

To add swatches to your product page you'll either need to hire a developer or use this plugin.


4. Get Creative with product descriptions

The most important thing here is to give shoppers the information they need. Don't just list features. Make your copy engaging so your reader can imagine what it will be like to own it.  Detail the benefits and make it clear what's in it for your customers.

Product descriptions are also a way to improve your SEO. The more descriptive the copy, the better. does a great job at this. 




5. Show how Many items you have left in stock

Scarcity tends to increase desire. Do you have a limited supply? Only a handful left? Let your customers know! And yes, we have a plugin for this too.


6. Add a LightBox Pop up

The underlying theme here is to make it easy for customers to get the information they need. A lightbox allows you to display more info without leaving the page.

For example, if you've got a size chart this plugin will allow your customers to see it without leaving the page.

Useful, no?


7. USe customer reviews and ratings

squarespace+review+plugin (1).gif

I'm a big advocate of product reviews because they just work. Look at Amazon. The challenge is getting customers to come back and leave a review.

The best way to do this is to set up a post-purchase email sequence.

As for what review widget to use, I typically recommend Yotpo. It's free to use and it integrates across all your product pages seamlessly with this custom integration.


8. Address objections in your FAQS



FAQs work be cause they allow you to address objections and concerns upfront. 

There are a lot of reasons why featuring FAQs prominently on your page is a great idea. First, it saves you and your support team valuable time and money, and helps your customers find info fast. Displaying your frequently asked questions is also a great way to show off your expertise and help visitors better understand you and your product. An FAQ page can also help you boost your SEO – as the Nielsen Norman Group explained, people don’t search for their solutions, they search for their problem. By including the actual questions your customers have, in accessible language, they’re more likely to quickly find what they need on their own.



9. Use Live Chat for better customer support


Every time I've added a live chat tool to my site or a clients site, it's resulted in more customer interactions and sales. Be prepared to handle the influx of messages from people who probably wouldn't have sent an email.

To get even more out of your live chat app, you can personalize the default message based on what page someone is on. Check out the chat on this page to see what I mean.


10. Real-time social proof

Screen Shot 2018-05-10 at 2.12.39 PM.png

They're called social proof apps and they work by displaying notification pop ups of actions people are taking and have taken on your site. Checkout Fomo - it integrates seamlessly with Squarespace commerce.


11. Add some urgency



Do you ship same orders day before 2pm? Do you have a sale that expires at midnight? Make sure customers know. You can use the announcement bar or

You can use a countdown timer plugin for this.


12. Show Related products

This is another standard ecommerce feature. Your favorite store probably does this and we've got a plugin for it too.




Big Takeaway

Before you think about getting more people to your store, make sure you've optimized your product pages so they convert.

Using any of the advice or plugins here will improve your conversions.

If you're not sure where to start get in touch, I'd be happy to take a look at your site.  If you want to take advantage of all the plugins mentioned here you can save a bunch of money and get the commerce bundle here.


About the author

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