Squarespace Related Posts and Products Plugin

Squarespace Related Posts and Products Plugin


The plugin will automatically add a summary block if it finds related posts based on categories and tags of the current post. All options of Summary Block will be available for customization. The current post will be hidden.


  • Autoplay for the carousel design

  • Ability to show items in a random order

  • Ability to set the number of related posts to display

  • Ability to filter only by categories or tags

  • Current post is hidden

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Can I use this on multiple sites?

Yes, but only with the Business License.

How does this work?

Once purchased you'll get a zip file with instructions and the plugin files. The instructions walk you through how to install it.

Do I need to be in Developer mode?

No, you will not need to access Developer Mode. 

I'm not good with this stuff, can you set it up for me?

We have an exclusive Concierge Setup option that you can select after you've gone through checkout. Send the details and we'll configure and customize according to your site specs.