Squarespace Mailchimp Commerce Integration

This is an integration I've been looking for, for years. A way to connect my Squarespace store to Mailchimp.

The current Squarespace Mailchimp integration is limited to pop-up forms and Google remarketing ads.

The good news is, with the Squarespace Orders API, it's now possible to add post-purchase info to Mailchimp -

and instead of pulling out your hair trying to zap it together or trying to hire a Mailchimp AND Squarespace expert, we've got a solution that will connect it for you.


Here's what your subscriber info will look like


So you can segment your list based on the following Ecommerce filters


And use automations like these

"But how, Ras Omari? Wheres the solution!"

The Add Subscriber After Order plugin, available here.


Here's a screenshare video of how this plugin works.

You will need an advanced commerce plan and Mailchimp account.

Questions, concerns?

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