6 Must-Have Plugins For Your Squarespace Store

Squarespace is great for minimalist online stores especially for creatives but if you're looking for advanced functionality - features that would improve your customer experience and increase sales, you'll need more.

To show you what's possible, I've bundled the top 6 ecommerce plugins from our collection.

These were developed in response to client needs and demand from other Squarespace users.  The big benefit of getting them here is you wont find them anywhere else without going through the hassle of hiring a Squarespace developer and spending thousands trying to do it yourself.

I've also included a special offer at the end incase you want to grab them all

Check it out.

  1. Sync product images with variants

  2. Show color/size/fabric swatch instead of the regular dropdown

  3. Add some urgency by showing how much inventory you have left

  4. Add a size chart or whatever you want to a lighbox

  5. Related products

  6. Automatically add a review widget to every product


1. Sync product images with variants 


Without this plugin you're leaving it up to your customers to figure out what variants belong to what image. This means more confusion and lower conversion rates. Use this plugin to eliminate the guesswork and make it easy for visitors to select the right variant.


2. Show color/size/fabric swatches


You don't have to move to Shopify or another platform to have this option. If you need custom color swatches for different fabrics or texture, it's possible with this plugin. Pair it with the variant sync and your customers know exactly what to expect with each variant.


3. Show how many items you have left in stock


Only 3 items left in stock? Customers will be more likely to buy if they know there's a limited amount. Customize it to say what you want. Automatically updates for each product in your store. 


4. Add a size chart lightbox pop up


If you've got a size chart, this plugin will allow your customers to see it without leaving the page. Got more content you want to display in a lightbox? This plugin let's you lightbox anything.


5. Show related products


Tag your products and automatically have them displayed in a summary block below each product.


6. Add a review widget to all products


Yotpo is one of the most popular review widgets. It's free to use and with this plugin integrates across all your product pages seamlessly.


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