Squarespace Designers for Hire

WIll Squarespace build my website?

No. Squarespace is a website builder that gives you the tools to build your own website. If you want someone to build you website you’ll have to hire a designer.

What the heck is a Squarespace Designer?

Squarespace designers are web designers who’ve chosen to specialize in Squarespace.

They are usually freelancers or independent business owners but you’ll also find agencies offering Squarespace expertise.

Why hire a designer? Isn’t Squarespace a DIY platform?

Yes. You can certainly build a website yourself. Squarespace is relatively easy to use but there is a learning curve.

A good designer will be able to give you a website that doesn’t look like

If you don’t have the time or patience to learn how it works you’ll probably want to hire someone.

How much do Squarespace Designers charge?

Hourly rates average $75/hr. You can find freelancers for much cheaper on somewhere like Upwork.

Most designers have their own package rates that vary. You can get a website for as cheap as $500 or up to $5000+ for more complex designs.

Source: https://www.usesixty.com/squarespace/insights

How long does it take to build a website on Squarespace?

There are designers who offer a 1 day build. I offer a workshop where attendees learn to build their own website over the course of a day.

I’ve also built websites that have taken up to 8 weeks. The time will depend on your requirements. A designer should be able to give you a rough estimate.

Things tend to move faster when content is provided upfront.

So how do you find the designer that’s right for you?

Once upon a time the easiest way to find Squarespace Specialists was through their directory. There are so many freelancers and agencies building websites on Squarespace, finding the right one for you can still feel like a needle in a haystack.

The first thing you need to be aware of is the difference between designers and developers.

Designers will be able to style you template and possibly add some customizations, but if you a looking for functional change to your site or advanced customizations go against the grain you’ll need a developer.


Freelance Marketplaces

One of the best places to start is a freelance marketplace. They all have their pro’s and con’s but the biggest benefit is you’re working with

99 Designs

99Designs is the official marketplace for experts. You can check it out by entering the funnel here or searching the directory here.



Fiverr has evolved over the years and now offer everything from $20 gigs to $2000 websites. So whatever you budget, there’s a freelancer on fiverr.

Fiverr has histoically been the budget friend marketplace and they still are. You can purchase “gigs” that average anywhere from $20 to $2000.


Screen Shot 2019-05-13 at 10.22.50 PM.png

Toptal is built for companies who are looking for longer term freelancers. What the consider the top 3%.

Toptal promises to deliver to top 3% or better. So if you’re looking for quality freelancer to work with consistently, this might be the best option for you.


Sixty was born with Squarespace in mind and is dedicated to serving the Squarespace ecosystem with freelancers. has been around for years and specializes in connecting business owners with Squarespace experts.


Lorem is a real nifty tool. Takes a minute to setup and your chatting with someone who can help solve your website issues.

Lorem has an incredibly seamless interface. Getting connected with a designer or develoepr who you can discuss your project with and get a quote from takes a few minutes. The only downside is they do the pairing. You don’t get to select you expert.

Search Google

Maybe that’s how you go here but if not, googling Squarespace Designer near me is bound to get you some results. There are thousands of designers building sites on this platform and plenty of them have optimized speicifcally for those terms.

From there you can check out their portfolios, browse their service pages and reach out to see who’s a good fit.

You’ll likely have to get on awaiting list for some of the more indemnd designers so it helps to plan ahead.

Facebook Groups

Squarespace Entrepreneurs

Squarespace Community


Square Design Guild is a community of designer who speicialize in Squarespace. If you’re looking for a designer with a specific aesthetic, check out the Square Design Guild.

SQSP Specialists This directory is intended to replace the longstanding, widely used Squarespace Specialists page, however it is not created by/affiliated with Squarespace.