How to Generate 24 Leads in 2 weeks (Case Study)



The Challenge

As a marketer, part of my practice is to experiment and try different strategies. Paid traffic is something most solopreneurs and small business owners shy away from because they either don’t like the idea of “advertising” or they think it’s something reserved for bigger brands.

I wanted to see the value for myself - so I decided to use Google Search Ads to generate leads for my Squarespace Tweaks Service.

Here’s how it worked.

The Strategy

Ideally you know how much you are willing to spend to acquire a client. In this case I was willing to spend $100 to land a single client.

I guesstimated if could keep my Cost per Click under $5 I would get at least 20 hits to my service page and hopefully convert at least 1.

This is essentially my worst case scenario to ensure I break even with the test.

To setup this campaign I would need 3 things.

  1. Targeted keywords that match my prospective clients intent

  2. Ad copy that speaks to their intent

  3. Landing page that continues the conversation

The execution

Step 1. Research keywords

I started with keywords relevant to the service I was offering.

“Squarespace developer” “Squarespace designer” “Squarespace help” “Squarespace expert”

Step 2. The ad copy

I don’t have screen shots of the ads but I created a different set for each Keyword and kept the benefits and description consistent.

So for example, one would say “Hire a Squarespace Developer - Get help today”

Step 3. The landing page

This is what people saw when they clicked through.


The decision to click the form all depends on what they see here.

I used this page to empathize with the problem (finding help and relieving the stress of doing it yourself) and offer a solution.

The biggest driver, however were the testimonials on the page. These were candid and made people feel comfortable seeking my help.

Setup Conversion Tracking

This is super important. You need to be able to measure the effectiveness of any paid campaign. To do this you can create a thank you page and place the conversion script there. Then have your form redirect to the thank you page.

The Results

I let this run for about a month spending $10/day and it kept my inbox full.


Biggest takeaway

Streamline your campaign so each impression (from search to landing page) feels like an answer to your prospects prayers.

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