Squarespace Video Lightbox Button Plugin

Squarespace Video Lightbox Button Plugin


Turn any vimeo or youtube link into a lightbox/modal popup on any Squarespace site (buttons and galleries included).

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Can I use this on multiple sites?

Yes, but only with the Business License.

How does this work?

Once purchased you'll get a zip file with instructions and a js file. The instructions walk you through how to install it. 

Click here to see it how to set it up

Can the button be easily resized?

Yes, using the style editor. 

Can I add extra content to the lightbox?

No, you need the Lightbox Anything plugin for that.

Does it work with an image block?

Yes. Click below.

Do I need to turn on developer mode?

No, you will not need to access Developer Mode. 

I'm not good with this stuff, can you set it up for me?

We have an exclusive Concierge Setup option that you can select after you've gone through checkout. Send the details and we'll configure and customize according to your site specs.