Memberspace Review: The Membership Plugin for Squarespace

Who this is for

If you want to run your membership business from your Squarespace site, this is the tool.

Built specifically for Squarespace users.

Does it really keep content secure?



Unlimited Members

There is no limit to the amount of paying members you can have. They can be on any number of member plan(s) you offer.

Payment Flexibility

Charge your members a recurring, multiple, free, or one-time payment via Stripe with an optional free trial or sign up fee.

Secure Content

Unlike other 3rd party logins tools, MemberSpace allows you to fully secure any content (PDFs, videos, files) you want.

Auto Revenue Recovery

We automatically try to recover any failed recurring charge and new sign up so you make about 5% more revenue (amount varies).

Tiered Plan Access

Create unlimited free or paid plans and choose which plans grant access to specific content and member only pages.

Coupon Codes

Create any coupon codes you want, then have your members apply them when signing up for any type of paid member plan.

MailChimp Integration

Whenever you get a new member their email can be automatically added to any MailChimp list you want.

Zapier Integration

Use Zapier to connect MemberSpace with almost any other 3rd party (including ConvertKit, Ontraport, and Google Docs).

Muut Forum Integration

Embed your forum on any member page of your website so members can easily access it and interact with each other.

Member Approval

You can choose to manually approve every member that signs up before they can access any content or member pages.

Sign Up Fields

Collect any information you want from your users during sign up. You decide what is required and what is not.

Member Accounts

Your members can edit their email, update their credit card, view billing history, cancel their plan, and more.

Member Emails

Customize the wording and format of any emails your members receive from you via MemberSpace (e.g. reset password).

Drip Out Pages & Content

Choose when your new members gain access to specific content or member pages - and when they lose access.

Custom Wording

You can change the default wording for all text, links, forms, and buttons your members see via MemberSpace.

Custom Styling

Easily change the styling of the login, signup, account, and payment form member see. We're also happy to help you customize it if needed :)

Billing History & Invoices

You and your members can access your full billing history and even download PDF invoices whenever you want.

Free Platform Migration

We'll help you migrate (and import members) from any membership platform (including billing details if possible) for free!

Member Analytics

View new sign up trends across multiple time periods plus full activity timelines for every member page view, content click, and download.

Upgrade & Downgrade Plans

Your members can upgrade or downgrade plans whenever they want. We'll charge or credit them the correct prorated amount.

Affiliate Program

Integrate an affiliate system to pay affiliates for any new member referrals they send you. Only available on certain plans.

Access Expiration

You can choose when your member plans expire (optional) which will cut off member's access to your content and member pages.

Export Members

You can export your full member list and then import it into any 3rd party tool (like ConvertKit) or view it in Excel.

Instant Payouts

After members sign up and pay for your member plans, their payment will be deposited into your bank account just 2 business days later!

Collect Taxes

Choose how much (if any) tax to collect for each member plan you create. The tax will show up as a line item in each billing invoice.

GDPR Compliance

We are compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and allow you to be GDPR compliant with your members as well.

SSL Encryption Security

We use bank-grade SSL encryption to keep all your member logins and payment information secure. We take security seriously.

Multiple Currencies

Charge your customers in 100+ major currencies Stripe supports including USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, GBP, CNY, BRL, and JPY.

Manually Add Members

You can choose to manually add and invite your members so they are not forced to sign up on your website.

Unlimited Websites

Add MemberSpace to unlimited Squarespace websites and have all your members stay logged in between sites (optional).

No Branding

There will be no MemberSpace branding on any popup forms (e.g. login, payment, your account) or emails your members see.

Domain Whitelabeling

Change "" in your Account URL to your own domain. Only available on certain plans.

Mobile Responsive

Your members can log in or create an account using any device they want (phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop).

Embed Anywhere

You can embed your member login / sign up form on any page, create a pop up, or have it appear on all pages by default.

VIP Support

If you ever have questions, you can live chat our support team or call us - yes a real person actually picks up the phone :)

URL Redirects

After your members log in or sign up, you can choose to automatically send them to any page URL you want.

5 Minute Setup

We'll automatically walk you through the set up and Squarespace installation so you're never lost or confused. Everything just works!


Side Business

$29per month + 3% feeFor a business making under
$3,500/mo via MemberSpace

Growing Business

$99per month + 1% feeFor a business making over
$3,500/mo via MemberSpace

Thriving Business

$499per month (no fee)For a business making over
$40,000/mo via MemberSpace