Best product review widget for Squarespace

I’ve tried a bunch of different review widgets over the years and I can say without a doubt is the best solution for Squarespace users.

Prior to wiremo I was using yotpo which is a popular review widget without some awesome features. We even made an integration that automatically adds the widget to all of your products. The biggest problem is not being able to automate review requests.

With Wiremo, you can fully automate the process for review requests after purchase. The review request action will take place only for orders with status fulfilled.

  • select the number of days after purchase you want to ask your customer for review.

  • select the interval of days between emails for multiple product purchases

  • select the maximum number of automated review request emails you want us to send when a customer purchases multiple products

  • select the number of reminders you want to send to your customer for the review request.

You also get options to change the styling and design to match your

You can see it in action here on one of our product pages.

How to install Wiremo

Installing Wiremo is a simple process.

  1. You start by adding the script to your sitewide code injection.

  2. Connect the Orders API

  3. Style and configure the widget

Importing reviews from Yotpo or Etsy

Already have reviews? Good news. You can export and import them into Wiremo.

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