How to add a sidebar to your Squarespace blog

As of August 5th, 2017 there are 3 ways to add a sidebar to your Squarespace blog.

1. If you're using one of the following templates - they all have content sidebars enabled for blog posts.

  • Avenue (blog posts)
  • Bedford, Anya, Bryant & Hayden (blog posts)
  • Five
  • Forte (blog posts)
  • Galapagos (blog posts)
  • Ishimoto (blog posts)
  • Montauk, Julia, Kent & Om (blog posts)
  • Skye, Foundry, Indigo, Ready & Tudor (blog posts)
  • Wells
  • Wexley (blog only)

2. Create a faux sidebar using this method

This tutorial makes use of the Summary block to recreate the look of a blog page so you can make use of a "faux" sidebar. Very useful work around.

3. Get the Squarespace sidebar plugin

This is our preferred custom solution. No need to hire a developer or hack around. Simple setup.

Squarespace Sidebar Plugin
Buy Now - Single Use

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