Squarespace plugins, widgets and code-snippets

designed to help you get more out of your site.

These plugins evolved out of client projects that we thought would be useful. Saving you the process of hiring a developer for something you can now download and install yourself. These are really simple and come with video instruction. If you ever run into any difficulty, please email me. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority. And finally you get free lifetime upgrades on any plugin you buy. That means if things change and for some reason your code no longer works, or we come up with more features, you get all of that.

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Need something custom developed?

If you need help you've got 3 options. 

1. Sqsp Tweaks

Ideal if you're looking to make some major modifications or integrations. Custom development starts at $500. 

2. Lorem Tech

Perfect for small jobs. Get connected with a developer in minutes. Jobs start at $5.

3. UseSixty

Excellent if you want to look over someones shoulder while they work on your site. It's called Screenlancing and it's a dope way to polish up a site. Prices start at  $1.50 cents a minute. 

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