10 Reasons why we use Sendowl for Digital Products

What is SendOwl?

Sendowl is a 3rd party checkout made specifically to help you sell more digital products.

I stumbled on them while buying some ebooks from PersonalityHacker.com.

I’ve always like this kind of checkout flow and after weighing the pros and cons, decided it' would be worth the switch.

Why Sendowl?

We made the switch from using the Squarespace checkout to using Send Owl January 2018 to get more control over the process and give our customers an enhanced experience.

  1. I found the simple lightbox checkout appealing because there’s less steps than typically find. For instance there’s no need for shipping address for a digital product.

  2. You can customize the checkout experience to match the rest of your branding. With Squarespace you can add your logo but that’s about it. SendOwl had different checkout templates that are all fully customizable..

  3. One click upsell. Being able to upsell/cross sell is a nice bonus. Imagine if McDonalds never asked you, would you like fries with that? After purchase I can now offer clients an option to have us set up the plugin for them.

  4. Abandoned cart emails.

  5. Integrates with Convertkit (now Squarespace checkout does this too)

  6. Built in affiliate program. Affiliate tracking apps can be costly so having it built in is great. One less app to worry about.

  7. Ability to bundle products. This let me bundle our plugins which people love.

  8. Membership/subscription functionality (now Squarespace commerce does this too).

  9. Automatically updating products. We’re always upgrading and updating products so new customers always get the latest version and existing customers get notifications.

  10. And there’s a lot more it can do as it relates to protecting content, dripping content, taxes, etc. Check out the features here.

Is it right for you?

These features for me, meant more control.

If you’re business is built around digital products and you want to maximize what you can do - I definitely recommend it.

You can test it out for FREE for 30 days.

What about cost?

I think I started with the $9/mo plan and now use the $39/mo.

Using this and a Squarespace business plan combined should be under $50/mo - or about the cost of the advanced commerce plan.

How to integrate it

When you create a product in Sendowl you can use the checkout link to create your own buy buttons and product pages. Again very flexible.

Any questions get in touch here.

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