How to integrate Shopify with Squarespace

This guide will show you how to add a Shopify store to your Squarespace site.

This is a really simple but effective way to get the benefits of Shopify (checkout options, taxes, etc,) without sacrificing your Squarespace.

If blogging and content are important to your business, Squarespace makes your life easy. But if you want to sell products at the same time, you might need more than the platform currently offers.

Shopify Life allows you to embed products and collections in your site.

You’ll see in the video, you can create your product pages from scratch.

It’s also only $9/month - which means you can hypothetically use it with a personal plan ($16/month) and save a lil bit.

Best of both worlds in my opinion.

You can see what it looks like here.

Using the Shopify Buy Button Widget

Step 1. Create your products in Shopify

You can also import your products from Squarespace to Shopify to save time.


Step 2. Create a buy button

You don’t have much option with Shopify Lite other than to create a buy button. If you want to be able to customize your product block you’ll need to upgrade to an online store and edit the theme.

Step 3. Edit and style the button or view

You’ve got 3 templates to chose from.

A basic view, a button and an extended view that includes the product description and variants.

Step 4. Generate the code

Copy this to your clipboard.


Step 5. Embed in a code block

Now the fun part is embedding this in your Squarespace site. You’ll need to use a code block.

last step.png

Step 6. That’s it. You’re done

To test your setup, make sure payment method is setup and go through the checkout process.