How to add an upsell page to your Squarespace store

This code will redirect to the Upsell Page after clicking on the Add To Cart button.
All you need to set do is set upsellPageUrl and make sure express checkout is off.

If the Ajax Loading is enabled on a site, then this code must be added to the global Code Injection. If not, then it can be added to the shop header code injection or for specific products you can insert it in the addional info section.

   * Redirect to the Upsell Page after clicking on the Add To Cart button
  function redirectToUpsellPage() {
    var upsellPageUrl = '/upsell-page';
    var addToCartButton = document.querySelector('.sqs-add-to-cart-button');
    var productVariants = document.querySelector('.product-variants');

    function isVariantInStock() {
      return productVariants.getAttribute('data-variant-in-stock');

    function onClick() {
      if (productVariants && isVariantInStock() || !productVariants) {
        setTimeout(function() {
          document.location.href = upsellPageUrl;
        }, 1000);

    if (addToCartButton) {
      addToCartButton.addEventListener('click', onClick);

  document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', redirectToUpsellPage);
  window.addEventListener('mercury:load', redirectToUpsellPage);