Can I Rank? - Squarespace SEO Training

Can I Rank? - Squarespace SEO Training


Can’t figure out why your website isn’t ranking?

This one on one training is designed to give you clarity on what it will actually take for your specific website to rank.

I’ve seen a lot of entrepreneurs waste time and resources on SEO that doesn’t produce any results.

You’ll leave knowing exactly where to focus and how to prioritize your SEO efforts.

You’ll learn

  • How to position your clients websites to rank higher and gain more authority in your niche

  • How to optimize for keywords your customers are looking for right now

  • How to get more traffic from existing content

  • How SEO integrates into your larger marketing strategy

Everything will be recorded so you can review later and and you’ll also be able to get your questions answered LIVE.

When and where is it?

The workshop will be held online via a private LIVE stream

Once you register you’ll get the details on how to access the stream.

How long is the workshop?

90 minutes. We may go over, but if you miss anything you’ll get the recording.

Who is Ras Omari

Oh hey, it’s me. I founded this site in 2015 to serve as a case study on building an online business on Squarespace. Since then we’ve helped hundreds of creative entrepreneurs customize, optimize and grow their businesses on Squarespace. I’m thrilled to offer this workshop because I think it will fill some gaps in your understanding of SEO and ultimately give you the mindset and toolkit to serve your market at a higher level and as a result position you higher in the rankings.