Squarespace Custom CSS Workshop

Squarespace Custom CSS Workshop

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Ever been stuck with a CSS problem - that should have only taken a few minutes - but ended up taking days ?

I’ve been there.

In fact, that’s where I started.

Fumbling around trying to piece together CSS you found on the answers forum.

Then I got this bright idea to make Squarespace Themes and decided to teach myself Javascript and CSS.

I didn’t get far with the Javascript but learned enough to create a service, and make a living tweaking Squarespace sites.

That’s why I partnered with SquareBasics to show you how to use custom CSS to expand your design abilities with Squarespace.

You’ll learn how to target any portion of your site and change its appearance with CSS. We'll teach you how to use all the tools you need to become a CSS wizard!

Everything will be recorded so you can review later and and you’ll also be able to get your questions answered during our LIVE Q&A.

No prior coding knowledge is required!


2 hours


Jo Magliocco of SquareBasics.com is on a mission to help designers learn even better ways to serve their clients with customized but easy to change designs.

She likes to think of code like little bits of magic you can drop into your Squarespace site to give it more personality and wow visitors. And believes, just like a magic trick, anyone can learn how to do it if they take a little time to practice.

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How do I know this is for me?

Maybe you’ve experienced needing something custom for a client and not knowing where to turn.

Or maybe you’ve already started learning CSS and want someone with Squarespace expertise to break down the nuances of how it applies to Squarespace.

This workshop will demystify ‘custom code’ so you can take control of the process.

If you’ve built up a library of code that you’ve purchased from other places and now you want to do it yourself, this workshop will get you started in the right direction.

Why are you doing this?

I’ve been there, and I know firsthand the difference it makes when you’re able to come up with answers quickly, instead of spending hours if not days, trying to get a solution.