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I still remember The first time I launched a website for my creative agency - I wasn’t sure what to expect.

I had just started freelancing full-time and decided needed a website to reflect my new career moves so I spent all night designing slick Squarespace website that I thought was dope.

It had all the sections I thought you were supposed to have. Who we are, what we do, a few testimonials and a contact form. And one of those iMac mockups of sites I had done for clients.

I didn’t sleep - the next morning I sent an email my list of contacts. 196 friends and acquaintances, expecting to at least get a few virtual hi-fives. Instead I got nothing.

Just a phone call from my Mom later that evening, “oh yea I saw that thing…

Luckily I was listed in the Squarespace Specialist directory and was able to get client through there - but it wasn’t consistent.

That winter I hit rock bottom - with no income my wife went back to work and stayed home with my son, determined to figure it out.

If people where out there getting clients on demand, I could do the same.

After studying everything I could… I decided to try again with Sqspthemes.com.

Within months it was generating enough clients that my wife could stop working and I no longer had to rely on referrals.

What changed?

Besides obsessing over all things influence and persuasion, I had a realization -

Clients don’t hire you because you have an awesome website, they hire you because it’s clear you can solve their problem.

Whether you a responding to gigs on upwork or writing copy for your website - there’s a certain way to communicate trust and credibility that’ll have people ready and eager to work with you.

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