Not sure if you're getting the Most out of your Squarespace?

If you're looking for ways to better customize, optimize or grow your site traffic - without wasting time - this is for you.

Running an online business isn't easy, epsecially if digital marketing isn't your area of expertise and you're doing it alone.

I've spent the past 4 years sharpening skillsets in order to help clients grow profitable businesses on Squarespace. But more importantly, I've developed a mindset that allows me to quickly assess hidden influences that could be causing blocks in your marketing. 

Here's the kind of problems I love to solve

  • "My website isn't generating ANY leads."
  • "I'm getting traffic but no one is buying, help!"
  • "How can I rank higher in google?"
  • "I'm not sure where to focus my marketing efforts!"
  • "I'm creating lots of content but it's not working."

Here's what you'll get on our call

My overarching goal is to help you get back your time while earning more money so you can focus on pursuing the kinds of experiences that make you happy.

You'll get clarity, insight and perspective on ways to improve your positioning and attract more customers and clients. 


Omari really has been a God-send. We have an amazing product with huge potential market but I was completely overwhelmed with the digital marketing piece of my business. My product requires educating the consumer before they’re ready to purchase, it is a completely new concept in a new and emerging industry. Omari was able to come in and immediately take over all aspects of the digital marketing. He completely reworked the website, translating material that was scientific and difficult to comprehend into something that would engage and draw the consumer in. He instinctively knew how to analyze the customer base and create content that would speak to them and communicate my value proposition to many different target audiences. The strategies Omari has suggested and implemented have led to an enhanced experience for my customer, and a huge increase in sales.
— Shanel CEO


Here's how it works

You bring the questions and I'll leverage my expertise to help fill any gaps and set you up on a path to better, healthier, more profitable digital presence.

We can brainstorm together, actively work on some aspect of your site, or you can simply pick my brain until satisfied. 

Select a time and date on the calendar below. 

Once booked, I'll follow up with any additional questions so I can prepare for our call.

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