11 Super Useful Squarespace Plugins

If you build Squarespace sites, you’ve probably bought a plugin or 2 from one of these plugin shops.

Yes, I am biased, but if I had to pick top most essential - in terms of flexibility and usability, I’d start here.

Feel free to leave your favorite plugins in the comments.


1. Squarewebsites Tools Extension Pro

This is actually a chrome extension, but it unlocks all kinds of features that are really useful if you design sites all the time.

Some of the main features include:

  • Import/Export content across Squarespace websites (see video below)

  • Save your Content Presets (a set of blocks, layout) and insert on any page or blog article

  • Save Tweaks Presets and import export across sites

  • Reduce loaded fonts size

  • Lazy Summaries, Table Block, Advanced Map Block, Navigation Search plugins are built in

  • Remove Demo content with one click

Check it out here.

2. Sidebar Plugin

This one is essential for a lot of bloggers. Unfortunately some of the more popular templates, like the Brine family, don’t have a built in sidebar. This makes it possible, while offering a lot of ways to customize.

Check it out here.

3. Lightbox Anything PLugin


Lightboxes are a great way to contain content that you don’t want users to have to leave the page to see.

Size charts, galleries, bio boxes, anything you want can be ‘lightboxed’ with this plugin.

Check it out here.

4. Subscription paywall


Hide content behind a subscription paywall that works with Squarespace’ built-in subscription payment.

That means it integrates with Squarespace's native customer accounts and automatically connects with your store's orders. 

Requires the Advanced plan (Online Stores).

Check it out here.

Want a 3rd Party Alternative? Def try Memberspace

5. Form styles

These custom form styles will give you an edge.

Check it out here.

6. Sync product images with variants


Without this plugin you're leaving it up to your customers to figure out what variants belong to what image. This means more confusion and lower conversion rates. Use this plugin to eliminate the guesswork and make it easy for visitors to select the right variant.

Check it out here.

7. Accordion - tabs Plugin

image source: https://www.squaredesignguild.com/blog/how-to-use-the-sqspthemes-accordion-tab

Say what? I can flip a switch and my accordion turns into tabs? Yah. Super versatile. Check out this in depth review by SquareDesignGuild.

Check it out here.

8. Video lightbox Plugin


This one is super popular with filmmakers and videographers. Turn your vimeo and youtube links into video lightboxes that you can open from any link on your site. Buttons, images, navigation links. Click here to see what I mean.

Check it out here.


9. Show color/size/fabric swatches


You don't have to move to Shopify or another platform to have this option. If you need custom color swatches for different fabrics or texture, it's possible with this plugin. Pair it with the variant sync and your customers know exactly what to expect with each variant.

Check it out here.


10. Add subscriber after order - Mailchimp Integration

This is plugin will automatically sync your customer order data to MailChimp or Convertkit.

Once your customer makes a purchase, order information will be sent to your email platform so you can segment and tag customers by product purchased.

Check it out here.

11. Custom Summary Block Styles

Sometimes you just want to switch up the standard design and give your clients something different. These Summary Block style presets will do the trick.


Bonus: FREE Plugins + Code Snippets

For more plugin/code resources check this out




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