Squarespace Themes and Design Kits

What are Squarespace Themes?

Squarespace themes are the different styles and variations of specific template families. For example the Brine template has multiple different child templates which can be regarded as themes.

What are Squarespace Design Kits?

Squarespace design kits are premade themes designed for specific Squarespace templates. They typically include PSD/Canva files that you can customize and video instructions showing you how to set everything up. Design kits have grown in popularity over the years since they make it easy to get a custom look and feel at an affordable price.

Where to buy?

There’s no central marketplace for Squarespace themes and design kits. This is the closest you’ll get. If you’d like to add your products to the mix, shoot me a message here.

Station Seven

Great for bloggers and creative entrepreneurs, these kits have a lot of style and an organic feel and vibe.



Square Muse

An extension of Flothemes, these kits are bold, elegant and minimal. 

Big Cat Creative

Big Cat Creative's Squarespace Themes are super modern and perfect for creative entrepreneurs , small business owners and bloggers!

Forth and Create

Small selection of kits, great if you're on a budget.

aisling squarespace template.png



My Billie Designs

These designs have a unique flair and spunk.



Square Your Site

These kits are optimized for conversions. Perfect if you are trying to build a list, sell a course or host a webinar.



Designs for Squarespace / GoLiveHQ

GoLiveHQ are the design kit OG's. They've got a create selection of styles for photographers, bloggers and everyone in between.

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