Where to find Squarespace Plugins

Here's a short list of the top Squarespace plugin development experts. Each studio offers a range of free and paid code plugins, snippets, or widgets.

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The plugins here were developed to help save you time, money and energy on custom Squarespace tweaks. Here’s a look at some of our most popular solutions.


The guys at SquareStudio have been developing code snippets for Squarespace since 2015. They now have over 128 plugins and templates in store. Check them out here and use the code SQSP10 to save 10%.

the custom square

The custom square has a small selection of plugins that give you few advanced features like an Autoplay Carousel Summary Block. Definitely worth checking out and keeping an eye out for.

Devon Stank's Code Shop


Squarespace Developer, Devon Stank's code shop features a few code snippets with the promise of a lot more to come.

Square Websites

Developed this extension which allows you to literally do magic. Check out their growing selection of useful plugins.

Vox Pop

Vox Pop is a small Helsinki based web design & development studio. Their suite of plugins provide users with more customization options.

The Hive Squarespace Store

Hive Social Plugins

The team at Hive Social have developed a beautiful line of plugins. You can't beat 24/7 email and live chat support. Check em out here.

Here you’ll find a handful of sleekly style summary blocks and a classic type animation.


Colin Irwin has some very useful customization guides, tutorials and tips. All of them are free.

Soundfocus Digital Media

Soundfocus is worth mentioning because they have an often need multi-currency plugin, so users see prices in their local currency.

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