Where to find Squarespace Plugins (Free and Paid)

What are Squarespace Plugins?

When people talk about “Squarespace Plugins” they’re referring to snippets of code that you can add to your Squarespace site for effect or functionality. They typically fall under one of these categories.

  • CSS Snippets - These are codes you can past into your Custom CSS to add custom styles your site.

  • JS based plugins - These plugins add functionality that isn’t already built into the platform.

  • Integrations - 3rd party tools that integrate with your site.

  • Add-ons - These are plugins that overlay your site.

Where can I find them?

There’s no official plugin store or marketplace for 3rd party features like these. This post is the closest you’ll get. Over the years several shops have popped up selling these codes and I’ve tried to include them all here (if I’ve missed you or you’d like to be added, just email me). Each shop has plugins you wont find anywhere else and the way each developer packages the code is will be different. In other words, there’s no one standard.

If you are unsure about a certain plugin, look for reviews or reach out to the creator before purchasing.

SQSPTHEMES - Plugins and Integrations

These plugins were developed to help save you time, money and energy on tweaks that would otherwise cost you a grip. The thing that makes these plugins unique is how easy it is to style and customize using the instructions file.

Here’s a look at some of our more popular solutions.

The sidebar plugin is popular among bloggers who want to add a sidebar on templates that don’t allow. If you build sites for clients, this is a good one to have in your back pocket.

This literally does what it says. Turn any page into a lightbox using this plugin. Useful for bio pages, size charts, custom galleries, whatever you can come up with.

If you sell products or have clients using Squarespace commerce, this plugin is a must have. It syncs your product images with the corresponding image giving your customers a seamless experience.

This is another popular one. You can check out some ways it’s used here. Simply put, it allows you to create can customize an accordion, tabs or both.

Video portfolio? This is another must have. Turn any button or link into a video lightbox.


SquareMuse Custom Elements

Custom Elements for Squarespace sites are a beautiful solution for creatives who want to enhance their visual presentation and add engaging sections on their site. Squaremuse Elements are compatible with all Squarespace templates that have a stacked Index page feature available.


The guys at SquareStudio have been developing code snippets for Squarespace since 2015. They now have over 128 plugins and templates in store.

Personally I’m a fan of their templates. They are closest thing you will find to 3rd party templates that auto-install.

They also have a membership starting at $119. You can access to their entire library of plugins and templates.

Check out a few of their most popular plugins below.

Use the code SQSP10 to save 10%.




Elfsight makes widgets for any website (not just Squarespace). They’ve got widgets to help you increase sales, engage with visitors, collect leads, and support customers. You can share reviews from Yelp, Facebook and embed social feeds. Each plugin has a free tier and a 14 day trial. Definitely check the pricing for each plugin because it takes a few clicks to find it.



Multilingualizer is the quickest and easiest way to make your Squarespace support multiple languages. There are manual ways to do this but this plugin does it for you.


Square Websites

Square Website had developed some of the most useful tools for designers and developers alike. Their Chrome extension allows you to do magic with Squarespace. Check out their growing selection of useful plugins.

Vox Pop

Vox Pop is a small Helsinki based web design & development studio run by Petri Pottonen. Their suite of plugins provide users with more customization options.


Soundfocus Digital Media

Soundfocus is worth mentioning because they have an often need multi-currency plugin, so users see prices in their local currency.

Where are the FREE Squarespace Plugins?

Ghost Plugins


Ghost Plugins is a project by Moov Labs. The mission is coding for good. All the plugins are free and proceeds go to a charity of your choice. Awesome, right?


Colin Irwin has some very useful customization guides, tutorials and tips. All of them are free.

Naughts and Ones

Formerly Hive Social, Naughts and Ones has developed a beautiful line of plugins. You can't beat 24/7 email and live chat support. Check em out here.


Does Squarespace have a Membership Plugin?

There are few options to setup a Membership site on Squarespace.

Memberspace and Membership Works.