Need Squarespace Help? Start here

Start with support. The guides are really good and there’s a decent chance you won’t have to dig any further.

But if it turns out your needs go beyond the scope of Support, then it’s time to tap the community.

Here’s where to go next.

The answers forum can be helpful - and might be worth a shot but I wouldn’t count on it.

If you’re a Circle member the Circle forum is a good shot otherwise I’d recommend the following groups.

Squarespace Customization Resource group - this group is hosted by and is dedicated to helping you with custom designs.

If you need help with the business or marketing side of running an online business - join the Squarespace Entrepreneur group is for you.

For more general questions, the Squarespace Community is a great resource.

Need to hire a Squarespace Designer or Developer?

The quickest way to find a Squarespace expert is to use one of these platforms.


Sixty has been around for years and specializes in connecting business owners with Squarespace experts.


Lorem is a real nifty tool. Takes a minute to setup and your chatting with someone who can help solve your website issues.

Square Design Guild

If you’re looking for a designer with a specific aesthetic, check out the Square Design Guild.


Need custom code? The team at SquareStudio can help you push the limits of your site.

Got any more resources?

Leave it below in the comments and I’ll add it to this post.

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