Squarepsace SEO Courses

There are a bunch of articles out there on Squarespace SEO, but only a handful of paid courses.

As far as I know these are the only 2.

Some might say you don't need to take a course to learn how to optimize your Squarespace for SEO - but if combing through blog posts isn't your thing, then a paid course might be the answer.

The ultimate value in a course is being able to learn from other students in the community and getting some 1 on 1 feedback from the instructor.

If you've got any other recommendations, please let me know in the comments.

7 Steps To Skyrocket Your Squarespace SEO

The Complete Guide: Everything the Entrepreneur, Business Owner, or Startup Needs to Drive Relevant Traffic to Your Website in One Course

David let's you look over his shoulder with this video course and outlines a 7 step process for optimizing your site.

There's a FREE option too. Check it out here.



The ultimate guide to better SEO for Squarespace websites by Kerstin Martin

I bought Kerstin's course and was pleased with the delivery and style of the content. It's practical and down to earth.

Inside she covers the essentials of Squarespace and offers a path forward.

If you're a complete beginner - start here.