Personalizing your Squarespace with RightMessage

Not everyone who comes to your website has the same needs, wants or motivations, which makes crafting the perfect homepage difficult.

You're forced to either niche all the way down to one segment, isolating other potential customers or clients or go with the vague generic message that tries to reach everyone and ends up reaching no one.

So how do you ensure that your website is engineered to resonate with whoever is viewing it?

Introducing Right Message

RightMessage is the first tool I've seen that dynamically personalizes your website, based on user data.

For example, 80% of the audience for this website falls into one of 2 categories.

Creative service providers, ie. designers who design on Squarespace and need technical help, ie. Squarespace tweaks, and online store owners who are building their business on Squarespace and need to maximize the platform, to make more sales and get more traffic.

Ideally, order to fully optimize this site, when either of those 2 individuals come to - the entire experience should be tailored to them.

Right Message allows me to do just that.

I can survey visitors before they ever hit the site via Facebook and use that data to personalize it according to their needs.

This is a game changer for online businesses who cater multiple market segments.

The great thing about Right Message is that it works with anything and is easy to setup.

The hard part is taking the time to outline an end to end strategy to leverage everything.

If your goal is to create a Squarespace site that resonates, RightMessage will give you an edge.

Here are 3 resources to learn more about personalization and how you can use it to grow your business.