Squarespace site speed challenge

Improving page speed is not just an SEO concern, it’s important for optimizing your user experience.

If your Squarespace page load speed is slow, it’s likely that you’re loading unnecessary fonts.

I recently stumbled on this tool from Cheers Studios that optimizes your fonts.

It takes only a minute to do - and it works.

The challenge

Go to https://tools.pingdom.com/ and take a speed test

Screenshot your results

Use the font optimizer

Go back to Pingdom and take another speed test

Screenshot your results

How to use the font optimizer

  1. Export your Style Pack in the style editor

  2. Upload it to their site

  3. Select all of the fonts you are not using and replace with the fonts you are

  4. Download the Style Pack and import into style editor

How much will it improve your site speed?

That depends on how many fonts you have loading as well as any other factors that may be affecting speed, like images.

Here’s a before an after when I applied it to sqspthemes.com.

Notice page size dropped .3mb and load time a fraction of a second.

Your turn

Try it out -> https://cheers-studios.com/squarespace-font-optimizer

You’ve got nothing to lose except some page size & load time.

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