5 ways to find Squarespace clients, fast

You’ve just started freelancing as a Squarespace designer and now you need clients.

What do you do?

The key is to focus on clients who need help just as fast.

The large majority of customers who need help with Squarespace have tried doing it themselves, or go into it knowing they’ll need an expert to help them get setup.

You decide how you want to position yourself.

These are just a few ways to help you get started.


Expert platforms are freelance marketplaces that offer clients better quality service by vetting the freelancers that apply, while giving you a pool of clients looking for your services.

There are 2 that specialize in Squarespace.

Sixty is an on-demand web app support platform that helps users to navigate ins-and-outs of apps. makes it easy for your to get expert help for your Squarespace.

Click here to join.


Lorem is an on-demand freelance marketplace that connects non-technical business owners with high-quality web developers and designers in less than 10 minutes.


I’ve tried it from the client side and it’s pretty nifty. Definitely a unique experience that I can see growing in the future. Click here to join and let them know Omari referred you.


I found my first clients on Craigslist. To this day I still get alerts whenever a Squarespace related gig get’s posted to Craiglist.

craigslist squarespace.png

Upwork get’s hate but it is a consistent and reliable source of Squarespace jobs. I still work with clients who I first got on Upwork years ago. They’ll vary in quality but don’t believe the naysayers, they are there.


To increase your chances of getting a job. Optimize your headline. Be human. Don’t use a boilerplate response. Only respond to the jobs you’re excited about.

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are a great way to find clients online. I’d recommend groups in the niche or industry your serve. And if you’re more of a generalist you’ll sometimes get clients from the following groups.

Paid traffic

Most freelancers shy away from paid traffic which is why I think it’s such an opportunity. I’ve run a few adwords campaigns that have been successful in generating leads. But it can be expensive if not properly targeted and optimized.

Start with a landing page that converts. Meaning you’re already getting clients organically through your site.

If that’s already working for you - leveling up to paid traffic can be a plus.



Referrals are always an excellent source for new leads. Let everyone you know, especially old clients, that you’re looking for work - and be specific.