Squarespace custom template tutorials

So you want to build Squarespace sites, from scratch?

Several years ago, Squarespace expert Jason Barone did a series of live videos that were really helpful in making me feel comfortable with the developer platform.

I dug them up to make it easy for anyone new to the Squarespace developer platform to get started.

These were, and still are, the best tutorials out.

1. How to use the Squarespace Developer Platform

In this video we're going to quickly get you setup to use the Squarespace Developer Platform. We'll cover 3 basics steps: 1. Registering as a Squarespace Developer. 2. Turning on the Developer Platform for your Squarespace Template. 3. Changing your Squarespace Account ID.

2. Setting up SublimeText & SFTP for the Squarespace Developer

3. Designing Square with the Developer Platform

4. How to use Advanced JavaScript and SASS with Squarespace Consumer Templates

In this session, Jason Barone takes you through a starter Github project for managing advanced custom JavaScript and SASS using an organized, well-documented structure.

5. How to add Custom Post Interface Types with Developer Mode

6. Getting Started with the Squarespace Local Development Server

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