How to add Facebook comments to your Squarespace blog

We just created a new plugin that makes integrating Facebook comments with your Squarespace blog super easy to setup.

Why would you want to use Facebook comments instead of Disqus or the built in comments system?

Here's a list of pro's and con's. If you're reading this you've probably already made up your mind, but hopefully this helps better understand the trade offs.


  • Real people, real comments – Each comment is tied to a Facebook profile so the chance of spam or trolls is low and the chances of you getting better quality comments is higher.

  • Easy to comment – If you're already signed into Facebook, which most people are, there's no need to login to leave a comment.

  • Encourages sharing – Every comment gives you the opportunity to share your post on Facebook, which is always a good thing.

  • Reply notifications – Commenters get reply notifications so it's easy to keep the discussion going.


  • Discourages non-Facebook users – who want's them anyway? Jk.

  • Discourages some users – Some people just aren’t comfortable leaving comments and having them linked to their Facebook account, regardless of the quality of the comment.

  • Not easy to click through to site – There's no easy way to click through to a commenters blog.

How this custom plugin works

1. You download the plugin file.

2. Upload it.

3. Copy script to your code injection

and you're done.

Oh and it also includes the following options so you can customize it.