Wha gwan?

It’s Ras Omari.

Welcome to my little marketing experiment called Sqspthemes.com.

I launched this site in 2015 as a sandbox to test, experiment and apply everything I’d been learning about digital marketing with the goal of building a real online business.

One that would give me the freedom and flexibility to “lifeschool” my children, travel with my wife and live out my creative dreams.

Today it’s a lot more than that.

We’ve become a problem solving hub and marketing resource for thousands of creatives and entrepreneurs who’ve chosen to build their businesses on Squarespace.

We know the limitations - we know how frustrating it can be - and we know what it takes to build a profitable business on this platform.

If you’re not already a member, join me and over 2000 other creative entrepreneurs in the Squarespace Entrepreneur Facebook group.

The Vizier Ras Omari

Omari Harebin
Founder and Digital Strategist

Omari aka Ras, specializes in helping creative entrepreneurs build profitable businesses on Squarespace by leveraging all the platform has to offer and more. Follow him on Linkedin.


Dmitry Kiselyov
Front End Developer

Dmitry makes the impossible, possible. He's a pixel perfect front-end developer who puts the customer experience first.  Follow him on Twitter.